Receiving Aid: Disbursement of Funds

To receive financial aid you must be admitted to, enrolled in and attending classes in an eligible program at HSU. If all requirements necessary to disburse funds have been satisfied, all required documents received and reviewed, admissions status finalized, and have registered for HSU courses, you can expect to receive your first financial aid disbursement.

Disburse means to “pay out” and disbursement refers to when your financial aid funds are released to your student account. You must meet all disbursement requirements in order for funds to disburse and all university charges will be paid immediately after your aid is disbursed.

The first disbursement occurs 5 business days prior to the first day of the fall semester in August and the spring semester in January. Initially at the beginning of the semester, funds may be disbursed twice per week, however, disbursements are generally made weekly. Enroll in Direct Deposit via your Student Center account to ensure timely receipt of funds.