Forms & Documents

The HSU Financial Aid Office has several forms available for both students and parents based on a variety of circumstances such as verification, reporting enrollment changes or outside resources, including requesting loans to submitting an appeal. Regardless of the reason, here are a few tips to help you along the way!
  • HSU Web Forms for Students, Forms for Dreamers, and Forms for Parents are located on the right hand side of this page, please make sure that you click on the correct aid year.   
  • Visit the IRS website at Get Transcript and request a Tax Return Transcript online or by mail. This is a required document for verification; only submit if being requested.
  • Visit the IRS website at Get Transcript and request a Verification of Non-filing Letter online or by mail. New federal regulations require some students/parents/spouses to submit proof that they DID NOT FILE an IRS Tax Return for the 2016 tax year. Only submit if being requested.
  • If the IRS system will not allow you to request the letter through any of their request methods (including the 800 number), you must use the following paper request form IRS FORM 4506-T and submit it to the IRS.
  • Once you receive the IRS document/s we are requesting, please make sure to write the student name & HSU ID# on the document/s, keep a copy for your records, and submit the document/s directly to our office.
  • If you are still having difficulty requesting IRS documents, please call us at 707.826.4321 so that we may assist you. You can also visit our Verification page for answers to your questions regarding this process. 
  • Stop by our office and submit forms/documents in person, by fax, or by mail.  We are open Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm and located on the 2nd floor, Student Business Services (SBS) building.  Phone:707.826.4321.  Fax:707.826.5360.  Mail: HSU Financial Aid Office, 1 Harpst St., Arcata, CA 95521
  • Check for critical requested Financial Aid items! Log into myHumboldt and review My Checklists or your Student Center's To-Do-List. Make sure that you are submitting the correct form/document.
  • Only submit requested forms! Submitting unrequested forms creates a delay in service to your file.
  • Refrain from submitting forms multiple times! Submitting duplicate forms creates a delay in service.
  • Student Center To-Do-List will be updated within 7-10 business days to indicate the form or document has been received. However, your file will only be reviewed when all documents requested have been received. Counselors review files in the order they were completed and the review process may take 3-5 weeks.
  • Use the UPLOAD A DOCUMENT feature in HSU Web Forms! If you need to submit other documents such as W-2, Tax Return Transcript, supporting documentation, or parent forms, please use the Upload a Document feature. Make sure to always include the HSU ID# on all submitted forms and documents.