Satisfactory Academic Progress

QUALITY: Units Completed

Based on the type of Financial Aid that is received, the student must pass a certain number of units called a Unit Obligation, which is generally 12 units (6 units if student is only receiving a loan). Undergraduate and credential students who are full-time would need to complete a minimum of 10 units in order to remain in good standing.If you are a financial aid recipient who fails to complete the entire unit obligation, or if your grade point average falls to a certain level, your financial aid eligibility may be affected and your SAP status may change to Warning or Loss of Eligibility.

Stay informed regarding your SAP status by reviewing the Financial Matters tab in your myHumboldt portal. For purposes of determining a student’s eligibility to remain in attendance at the university and to receive financial aid, overall quality of performance (as measured by total grade points and cumulative grade point average) is considered. To continue financial aid eligibility, a student must maintain a grade point average of at least a “C” (2.0) or academic standing consistent with HSU graduation requirements, as stated in the HSU Catalog under Academic Regulations.

QUANTITY: Units Attempted

Undergraduate students who have attempted 180 units or more and Graduates who have attempted 50 units or more are generally ineligible for all types of state and federal financial aid, including grants, work-study and federal direct loans unless mitigating circumstances exist. This is called a Unit Cap and includes time on aid as well as not on aid, including transferable units for students who attended college elsewhere. This generally equates to a time frame of six academic years for a baccalaureate degree, two academic years for a credential, and three academic years for a master’s degree. Students are not eligible for financial aid once they have completed the course work requirements for their primary degree objective.

We help keep you on track by notifying you when you have attempted 90 units (Unit Cap Warning) and when you are attempted 120 units (Impending Units Cap). Stay informed regarding your SAP status and Financial Aid Limits & Caps by reviewing the Financial Matters tab in your myHumboldt portal. You are encouraged to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor if you receive either notification in order to stay informed about your remaining aid eligibility. We are here to support you in the completion of your degree.