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Complete Financial Aid Tasks with Ease!

Upload forms, get real time updates, and request e-signatures!

Student Form Portal:

Student Forms is our new student portal that allows students (and parents) to electronically sign and upload documents! This means that you can submit your financial aid documents securely without having to come into the campus Financial Aid Office. As the students and the financial aid staff work through the forms, the Student Forms software will send updates in real time with documentation that is needed based on the answers provided by the students. Once you have submitted all your forms to resolve outstanding financial aid tasks, the integration will update MyHumboldt TO DO list.

Navigating Student Forms Portal

This section offers supplemental information and guides for navigating the Student Forms Portal. Most processes in Student Forms is intuitive, however, if you are experiencing challenges please refer to this content to troubleshoot. If the issue is ongoing, please reach out to the Financial Aid Office directly for assistance.

Additionally, there are a number of appeals that students can complete in Student Forms portal. Below we have outlined the types of appeals and useful information when completing these appeal requests. 

What Do You Need to Know About Creating Your Student Forms Portal?

What Do You Need to Know About Creating Your Student Forms Portal?

Cal Poly Humboldt Financial Aid office has implemented the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature with the Humboldt Student Forms. You will see the "Create Student Forms Account" TO DO list item in the MyHumboldt Student Center. You will click the link in the TO DO list item which will direct you to the Humboldt Student Forms website. The SSO will log you into the portal where you will need to confirm your personal identification information (name, social security number, and date of birth) that matches your financial aid application. Once you have successfully created your account, you will be able to take care of task electronically.

How Will You Know if You Need to Submit Documents?

How Will You Know if You Need to Submit Documents?

First-time Student Form Account Creation:

On your MyHumboldt Student Center, you will see a TO DO item on your account. When you click on the details of the TO DO item, you will be directed to create an account for Humboldt Student Forms portal. Once you have created your portal account, you will see the tasks that are being requested.

After Creating a Student Forms Account:

After your Student Forms portal is active, any new tasks that are assigned will send you an email notification to your Humboldt email account. You will be sent reminder emails periodically until the task is complete.

Humboldt Student Forms Portal Allows For E-Signatures?

Humboldt Student Forms Portal Allows For E-Signatures?

Yes, you can consent and e-sign your financial aid forms. You can also click “Opt out of E- Sign” which will allow you to download the document, print it, sign it with a wet signature, and upload it back into the Humboldt Student Forms task.

Can Parents E-Sign a Financial Aid Form?

Can Parents E-Sign a Financial Aid Form?

Yes. Once you have e-signed your document, you will be brought back to the main page and you will see a section that indicates a parent signature is required, as well as a button that says “Request”.

You will click the “Request” button and a pop-up showing the parent(s) listed on the financial aid application will appear. You will select the parent you would like to electronically sign the document (NOTE: if you have two parents listed on your financial aid application, only the parent you choose will have the ability to sign the document.)

Your parent will receive an email notification letting them know that a document needs their signature – they will need to create an account if they have not already.

Your parent can review and electronically sign the document through their account.

Your parent will need to notify you if the information on the document is inaccurate and needs to be changed. You will need to make this change and re-request the signature.

IMPORTANT: If your parent does not have a valid SSN, they will not be able to electronically sign and neither will the student. You will instead click “Opt out of E-sign” which will allow your parent to download and print the document so that both you and your parent can provide wet signatures. Once the document has been signed, you will need to upload it.

How Do I Request My Parent's E-Signature?

How Do I Request My Parent's E-Signature?

Step 1: After you have completed your FAFSA task and e-signed, you will be able to request your parent’s e-signature. You will click “Request” to select which parent from the FAFSA will be receiving this request.

Step 2: Select which parent from the FAFSA will be receiving this request.

Step 3: Provide your parent’s e-mail address to send the e-signature request and click “send request”.

Professional Judgement: Special Circumstances EFC Appeal

Professional Judgement: Special Circumstances EFC Appeal

It may be possible to have your application reviewed if you have experienced major changes in your financial situation, such as job loss, divorce, death of a parent or spouse. This reanalysis requires further information and is considered after the initial filing of your Financial Aid application.

The FAFSA for the 2023-24 year is based on 2021 income, however many students or their families may be experiencing changes which are not represented by their 2021 information.

The Financial Aid Office at Cal Poly Humboldt offers a re-evaluation process known as “Special Circumstances.” This process allows Financial Aid Counselors to analyze the new information and determine if there could be a change in the student’s financial aid eligibility. Special Circumstances requests are not limited to COVID-19 related situations; however, we understand that many families may have circumstances related to these current events.

If you or your family has experienced a death of a spouse or parent, loss of income, an increase in medical bills, or other hardships, this may qualify for a re-evaluation of your financial aid offer.

The Professional Judgement Special Circumstances EFC Appeal form is published and can be found on the Humboldt Financial Aid Student Forms portal.

After you log into the Student Forms page, click on "Manage Request" in right hand corner: 

Image of student forms landing page with red arrow pointing to manage requests box


Next, select the PLUS sign next to Professional Judgement Special Circumstances EFC Calculation Appeal 

image of manage request dialog box


A pop-up window will appear where you can state why you would like to request this appeal. After typing your statement, click SUBMIT

Request dialog box


You will be redirected to your landing page, where the Special Circumstances appeal will appear as a TASK for you to complete. Click on the tile to access the form and complete the appeal as instructed.

Landing page with special circumstances task


What if I am Having Issues Logging into the Student Forms Portal?

What if I am Having Issues Logging into the Student Forms Portal?

  • Parents are using a direct sign-on to the Student Forms Portal. Parents who have forgotten their username or password may use the "Forgot Username" and "Forgot Password" links on the Secure Login screen. The parent should receive an email with the following information:
  • If Forgot Username was used, the email received contains the username created during account creation.
  • If Forgot Password was used, the email contains a link to reset their password.
  • They must match their 4 key identifiers from the FAFSA (First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number & Date of Birth) that were provided during account creation to reset their password.
  • If the email is not received: Please check junk or spam folders for the email. The link in the email may not work if the user clicks the link while in a junk or spam folder. The parent can either move the email to their inbox or copy and paste the link into their browser.

If all else fails, you may reach out to the Humboldt Financial Aid office and we will assist in troubleshooting your login difficulties.

How to Request Student Forms Appeals

How to Request Student Forms Appeals

The Financial Aid offers a number of appeals for various financial and academic situations that may impact a student's eligiblity. Please review the below content to learn more about the various appeals we can offer.

Students can request appeals by logging into their Student Portal and initiating the request. 

Step 1: Log into Student Forms portal

Step 2: Click on "Manage Requests"

Step 3: From the list of available appeals, click the "+" next to the appeal in the correct school year you would like the appeal to be reviewed.

Step 4: In the box, add notes on why you would like to request this appeal, then click "Submit"

Step 5: Now that appeal has been assigned to your "Needs Action" portal page. Click on the tile related to the appeal.

Step 6: Click "Fill Out" in order to complete the appeal according the directions within the appeal. After you fill out the appeal, click "Submit"

SAP - Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

SAP - Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Students that are not meeting SAP status will be assigned a SAP TO DO item in their My Humboldt Student Center. This TO DO item will describe what minimum standard is not being met.

Students that are NOT meeting SAP will have SAP task posted on to your Student Forms portal.  If you are NOT making SAP and you do not see the SAP task in the Student Forms portal please contact the Financial Aid Office to have our staff manual post your SAP task.  

All students must satisfy the following qualitative and quantitative academic standards in order to remain eligible for financial aid. Information about Cal Poly Humbold Financial Aid SAP Standards can be found on the website here:

Students will be evaluated for Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards at the end of each semester in order to determine eligibility for the upcoming semester. Those who fail to meet the academic standards for two consecutive semesters will have their aid automatically suspended until they meet the minimum standards OR submit a SAP appeal through the Student Forms portal.

Unusual Circumstances - Dependency Appeal

Unusual Circumstances - Dependency Appeal

Under certain conditions the Financial Aid Office is authorized to “override” a student's dependency status. To qualify for this appeal the reason for separation from your parents must be due to an unusual, unsafe and/or detrimental family situation.

Before you submit your request, please note the following:
of the conditions listed below qualify as unusual circumstances meriting a dependency override:

  • Parents refuse to contribute to the student’s education.
  • Parents are unwilling to provide information on the FAFSA or for verification.
  • Parents do not claim the student as a dependent for income tax purposes.
  • Student demonstrates total self-sufficiency.

To start the process please call or email the Cal Poly Humboldt Financial Aid Office to have the school form posted into your Student Forms page. All documents are now electronically upload through Student Forms.

Note: Documentation is required and instructions will be provided on the electronic form.

Cost of Attendance - Budget Adjustment Appeal

Cost of Attendance - Budget Adjustment Appeal

This appeal allows you to appeal your cost of attendance due to additional incurred costs. The Office of Financial Aid shall review your case upon successful completion and submission of the web form. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information or if you have questions.

Required documentation must be submitted PRIOR to final consideration for any aid increase.  The student pays “upfront” (with cash or credit card) and is reimbursed based on acceptable documentation of allowable costs incurred.

Acceptable documentation:

Proof of payment, such as itemized store receipt, credit card billing statement, and in some cases, cancelled checks or money orders. Use of debit cards generally must have a bank statement showing actual debit (these usually show up on receipts appearing to be a credit card charge). If using a “member card” (example: Costco), please photocopy your membership card to verify yours is the member number on the receipt, unless the receipt also prints your name.

Unacceptable documentation:

      Handwritten/typed receipts, unclear receipts, or unspecified cash receipts, etc.  Credit and debit card receipts are acceptable documentation for purchases, as long as it can be clearly linked to student (not paid by another person).  Students should be encouraged to pay off credit card purchase with financial aid check received for adjustment.  (6% interest on student loan better than the 15-20% of most credit cards)