Changes that Affect Your Award


Documented costs, such as a computer purchase or child care costs, may be allowed as a cost of attendance adjustment. Counselors are available to discuss this or any other special circumstances which might impact your eligibility and were not considered in our initial determination. If you wish to have your situation reassessed in light of additional information, please contact this office regarding the appropriate process.


The first level of appeal to any financial aid decision is to meet with a Financial Aid counselor to discuss your situation and to receive more detailed information on the appeals process. If you feel aspects of your situation have been overlooked, please bring them to our attention. We offer Walk-in hours from 10am - 4pm for students to meet with a Counselor or we can scheduled an appointment for you too. Stop by the Student Business Services building (2nd floor), call us at 707-826-4321, or email us at

Special Circumstances

It may be possible to have your application reviewed if you have experienced major changes in your financial situation, such as job loss, divorce, death of a parent or spouse. This reanalysis requires further information and is considered after the initial filing of your Financial Aid application. If you feel your situation warrants reanalysis, please review the “Special Circumstances” information on our website.

Units – Enrollment

Undergraduate unit loads are categorized as follows for most aid types: full-time, 12 units or more; three-quarter time, 9-11 units; part-time, 6-8 units. Changes in enrollment after disbursement may create a billing for aid received. If you are enrolled in fewer than 12 units, you must request prior approval from the Financial Aid Office for your aid to be disbursed. Changes to established aid programs will result in delays. Less than 6 units: It may be possible to receive limited financial assistance for a program of less than half time. You must inform the Financial Aid Office via Change Form if you will be enrolled less than full time. See Freeze Date for more information.

If you will NOT be enrolled and attending full time, immediately submit your enrollment plans in writing to avoid overpayment of aid funds. The following funds are prorated based on enrollment:

  • Pell Grant
  • Cal Grant A/B Fee coverage
  • Cal Grant B Access/Subsistence

The following funds generally require full-time enrollment:

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Educational Opportunity Grant (EOP)
  • Federal Work Study
  • Perkins Loan

The following fund is based on fees paid and you must be enrolled in at least 6 units:

  • State University Grant